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Paperless Invoicing & Online Payment
  • You will receive email notifications of new invoices, be able to view invoices online and pay online by credit card or checking account.
  • You will no longer receive invoices in the mail. If you are not currently responsible for receipt and management of mailed invoices, please email this page to the appropriate contact.
By checking this box, you are acknowledging that you are the appropriate contact to be making the decision to go paperless for your organization. Please be advised that once paperless billing is activated, ALL invoices billed under this account will be sent electronically to the email address provided (this includes invoices for order placed by additional users and/or invoices for order for additional delivery addresses).
Online Payment Only
  • Invoices will continue to be delivered to your company as they are today.
  • You will be able to view invoices online and pay online by credit card or checking account.

Online "Paperless" Invoicing

Why Go Paperless?
  • Get your invoices faster - receive a notification whenever a new invoice is available
  • Reduce the amount of mail you receive
  • Access digital copies of your invoices at any time - never lose an invoice again!
To view your invoices
  • Visit the Invoice History page under My Account on www.wbmason.com
  • Check your inbox! You will receive email notifications for new invoices
  • Your invoices can be viewed and saved as PDFs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my paper invoices still be mailed to me?
    No, after accepting the Paperless Terms and Conditions, invoices will no longer be mailed and will only be available online. (Invoices for furniture installations will continue to be mailed)
  • My account receives a monthly statement, will that be available online?
    No, monthly statements will continue to be mailed
  • Which email address should I use to sign up?
    We recommend you register with a generic email address and make sure multiple people at your company have access to the inbox. This will ensure the email notifications are received when you are out of the office.
  • Will my invoice look the same online?
    Yes, your invoice will look exactly like the ones your currently receive in the mail.
  • Can I return to receiving invoices in the mail?
    Yes, you can return to paper invoices by contacting your Accounts Receivable or Customer Service Representative.